Conference Postponed in Light of Spreading COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Software Engineering Education & Training community,

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic is gaining an ever tighter grip on our daily lives, we are seeing that many events are cancelled, postponed, or moved. The CSEE&T 2020 organizers, too, are concerned about your health and we want to do our part to keep everyone safe.

It is for this reason that we no longer believe it to be feasible to hold the conference at the end of July 2020. However, cancelling the conference altogether is not an option for us.

After careful deliberation among the entire conference organization, and after consultation with the CSEE&T Conference Series Steering Committee, we have therefore decided to POSTPONE THE CONFERENCE to NOVEMBER 9-12, 2020.

At this point, we anticipate that we will hold an in-person conference at the same location. Nevertheless, given the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation and the uncertainty around future developments, we are going to continually reevaluate the feasibility of an in-person conference in November and further adjustments as necessary. We will not postpone the conference a second time, nor will we cancel the conference.

We understand that many of you have planned their travel for the year already and this move may impact your ability to attend. Please contact us if this is the case.

Postponing the conference comes with new organizational challenges. Many issues such as special conference hotel pricing, details pertaining to the offered program components, and even the social event will have to be renegotiated and planned anew. Please bear with us as we do this and stay tuned for details. These will be posted on the CSEE&T 2020 website.

Despite these ongoing changes, we are committed to keep CSEE&T the premier conference and publication platform for Software Engineering Education & Training research. Therefore, the currently ongoing reviews of the main conference tracks will continue. Since many reviewers are impacted by the COVID-19 situation also, the notification deadline is moved to May 12, 2020, and we ask all authors of submitted papers for their kind patience in this matter. We correspondingly move the deadline for camera-ready copies to the End of July. Rest assured, all papers accepted through peer-review and fit for publication will be published in the forthcoming proceedings.

Our best wishes go out to all of you. We hope you stay safe and healthy and we are looking forward to seeing you in November.

Thank you for your patience.

Stephan, Bernd, and Bastian
on behalf of the organizing committee

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