Special Contribution Opportunity for all those Impacted by Coronavirus-related Distance Learning

TL/DR version: We’re calling for special contributions on Ad-Hoc Distance Instruction in Software Engineering. Download the call for papers.

Dear Software Engineering Education & Training community,

We sincerely hope that you all are remaining healthy and safe, as the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic is challenging the way we live our daily lives. With many communities implementing social distancing and isolation protocols, we hope that you and your loved ones cope sufficiently well.

The current corona-crisis negatively affects human life, business, economies, and you will be the first to agree, changes the way we educate. Universities and schools are forced to rapidly change their curricula and syllabi to account for closed facilities and personal contact restrictions.

In consequence, a vast amount of e-learning materials is being created suddenly and a plethora of courses is offered via distance learning. We are compelled to quickly become experts in facilitating socially distanced instruction as well as research. And for many of us, we do this with a minimum of previous training or experience of educators.

As a community, we can use the experiences gained from this ad-hoc introduction of distance learning in software engineering to improve e-learning and distance learning in the long run and to improve courses in the short run.

Therefore, it is of vital importance to share experiences made and discuss challenges faced to allow other educators to gain important knowledge for their own courses, and to allow other researchers to use these important experiences, findings, and evidence to improve theories and approaches for e-learning and distance learning in software engineering.

It is therefore our extraordinary pleasure off you all this opportunity. We created a special call for papers on Ad-Hoc Distance Instruction in Software Engineering to provide everyone who’s instruction is impacted by the need to suddenly change to distance instruction a platform to share insights. Visit our special web page: call for papers.

Our best wishes go out to all of you. Stay save until we see each other in November.

Stephan, Bernd, Elke, Marian, and Bastian
on behalf of the organizing committee

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